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First Visit

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to our office! Our team is committed to making your treatment as easy and enjoyable as possible, in a friendly and welcoming environment.

During your first visit, you’ll get acquainted with the process and procedures for braces; we’ll discuss your customized treatment options in detail, estimated treatment length, and the associated costs. The initial consultation is complimentary.

If treatment is indicated, we’ll begin by taking diagnostic pictures, x-rays of your teeth, and digital scans. These orthodontic records will be referenced throughout your treatment and used to monitor progress. There is usually a charge for collecting the diagnostics.

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Finance & Insurance Info

All treatment plans are customized for each individual patient. The associated out of pocket costs depend on the severity of treatment and your insurance benefits. For your convenience, we accept payments in checks, cash, credit cards, and FSA cards.

To make treatment affordable, we offer OrthoBanc. In-office financing is also available at 0% for certain types of treatment. Please call for more information.